At Hang Tough we offer both high street and conservation framing options to suit a range of budgets. We offer a high standard of conservation framing using archival materials including reversible hinges, acid free mount boards and frame lining tapes. We also specialise in framing oversized artworks offering a number of solutions to frame your larger pieces. Our refined selection of frame styles are modern but timeless and are available in simple profiles and colours to make the consultation process quick and easy with our expert framing consultants. We work with a number of suppliers in both Ireland and the UK so we can source any type of frame profile and finish that you require. In our wood shop we produce a wonderful range of custom milled profiles in various hardwoods and softwoods which are beautifully hand finished with dyes and oils. We take pride in our craftsmanship offering splined and dowel mitre detailing that can be colour coded to elements in your artwork. Our framing studio also houses a spray room, where we can spray your frames in any colour lacquer you desire. Sprayed frames are available in closed or open grain finishes. We supply each frame with low iron glass as standard which is clearer than regular glass. We also offer a range of specialist anti-reflective glass from GroGlass® providing different levels of UV protection for your artworks from 70% up to 99% protection. We have a range of acrylic which is available with UV protection as standard or we can order shatterproof anti-reflective acrylic. Each artwork is fitted into your frame with care and attention by our expert frame fitters. All of our frames are taped and supplied with the correct hanging fittings and strainer frames where appropriate. We can fabricate shipping crates for your frames and organise national or international delivery.

Solid Wood Profiles


We use a range of local and exotic timbers species for our hand crafted custom frames


Splined mitre detailing to include colour coded splines and dowels
Spray Lacquer


Dyes, waxes, open grain and smooth lacquer finishes
Japanese Hinges


Archival / Conservation framing practises form a large part of our custom framing work
Hang Tough Shipping Crate


Custom fine art shipping crates for overseas shipping